A Mother’s Love


The First Time

Your eyes so innocent
So full of love
Just searching
So trusting
Your little hand
Gripping so tightly
Tugging my heart-strings
Many years later…
Remembering the love as new
A love ever so true
A smile to my lips
A flutter to my heart
A tear to my eye
A lump in my throat
The love overwhelming

The joy overflowing
The feelings
That feeling
This feeling
Never to be forgotten

Never to be denied...

Loving Mom

There are many different types of mothers out there. Some are overprotective and some just couldn’t care. There are those who will let you live your life, making mistakes along the way; and then there are those all-controlling wanting to make your life decisions for you. No mater what type of mother you have, you can be sure of the love they have for you, whether you can see it or not.

Know that they are only doing the best they can because they are also dealing with their life baggage; even some from their MOTHERS. Some are just better at showing it. You come across mothers who will tell you that their love was instant and instinctively felt that they would sacrifice all and everything to protect their little one upon seeing their face. Others feel this way even before they meet.  While some mother’s love grows over time. This can be anything from a few days, or months and even years.

There is just no formula. Each child is different and so is his or her mother. Unfortunately we are not always able to look at things this objectively and often judge.

Media has added to this and placed an enormous burden on most mothers because of the notion that you can have it all, be it all and do it all. Of course this may be true for some but clearly not for everyone. So then looms the feeling of guilt because you feel that you are less than what is expected.

New Age Mom

This latest generation is the most demanding and expectant of all, which only amplifies this feeling, especially as they grow older. It’s all about comparisons and that is the worst because that’s where most of our problems start. The mothers comparing themselves to each other; children comparing their mothers and then ultimately comparing how they are or turned out because of their mothers.

We all need to learn that this is a shared responsibility because it can surely not rest on our mothers’ shoulders alone.

Dedicated to my MOM
Love ANGELINA from Heaven

Fact :

A female elephant will typically live and roam with her mom until she dies.

Affirmation :

A female elephant will typically live and roam with her mom until she dies.

Quote :

A mother’s hug lasts long after she let’s go.

Inspiration :

Bad Mother’s Handbook
by Kate Long
Genre: Domestic Fiction

I Don’t Know How She Does It
Time: 90 min
Genre: Romance/Comedy


The One Thing by Shakira

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