Slow Down, Take Time and Enjoy Being

I found the statement: “We are HUMAN-BEINGS and not HUMAN-DOINGS” so profound that it got me thinking. Most of us will probably have great difficulty with just being because we are too caught up with doing.

We live in an age where productivity is of the utmost importance. Everyone is always trying to optimize something or the other.

People often feel guilty if they are not physically doing something because we have cultivated a society in which we feel obligated to always fill our time.

This has led to a stress filled world where we often find ourselves saying that we do not have time. Yes work is important. It is what helps us survive. But why can’t you schedule in some time for yourself, the way you would an executive meeting? You shouldn’t have to wait for a vacation!

Here is a list of quick ‘taking time out for yourself’ suggestions:

Gaze at the Stars

Be in awe of all the wonders our world possesses…

Admire Nature

Take a seat on the ground… How awesome was that as a child?

Watch a Sunset

The beauty will always take your breath away!

Stroll along the beach

If you are lucky enough be sure to feel the sand beneath your feet.

Fact :

Stress kills brain cells; a calm environment permits their growth. So help them out and give them a nice place to live.

Affirmation :

I have all the time in the world. I am surrounded by love and beauty.

Inspiration :


If You Could See Me Now
by Cecelia Ahern
Genre: Fiction


Point Break
Time: 123 min
Genre: Crime/Thriller


What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

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