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Inspiration, Aspiration, Exasperation, that’s life and it’s all here!

I love the belief that there are no good or bad, nor right or wrong feelings.

You are entitled to feel the feelings you feel!

You’ll find thought provoking quotes, advice suggestions, humorous antics and poetry, all bundled together for your enjoyment.

Who knows, maybe while exploring my site, something may assist you in


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Slow Down, Take Time and Enjoy Being

I found the statement: “We are HUMAN-BEINGS and not HUMAN-DOINGS” so profound that it got me thinking. Most of us will probably have great difficulty with just being because we are too caught up with doing…
Anthology of Poems


We can love them but not live for them
We can help them but not heal them
We can care but only they can be confident
We can encourage but only they can be courageous…

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