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Inspiration, Aspiration, Exasperation, that’s life and it’s all here!

I love the belief that there are no good or bad, nor right or wrong feelings.

You are entitled to feel the feelings you feel!

You’ll find thought provoking quotes, advice suggestions, humorous antics and poetry, all bundled together for your enjoyment.

Who knows, maybe while exploring my site, something may assist you in


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Restart the Rest of Your Life Today

When you’ve been going through a rough patch or having a not so good life experience, people will often tell you that today or tomorrow is the “first day of the rest of your life”. I quite like the thought of that because you can now rethink and DECIDE on the type of life you really want to be living…

Anthology of Poems

Tragic Trauma – Trilogy Part 1

Out of no-where
You experience a scare
Is this a dream, Am I awake
Anyone here, Please give me a shake
What to say, Who to call
Stand still or do it all
Silent movie, black and white
Panic response, fight or flight
Time in slow motion
Surrounded commotion

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