Love Gone Wrong

Fairytale at its best 
Then someone gets obsessed 
Curdling a love trusting 
Into sneaky suspicion 

Those loving words 
Spoken so softly 
Longing to hold 
Affection so bold 

Loving every minute 
Then needing space 
Together so tight 
Only to fight 

You are my world 
We make a life 
After some time 
It’s endless strife 

Our time a daydream 
All glimmer and gleam 
How did it go wrong 
Where’s our love song   

Harsh words hurting 
The silence deafening 
Got to get out 
Can’t stand the shout 

It’s so sad 
We’re always mad 
It’ll have to end 
It’s crazy to defend 

A heart all broken 
Is my only love token 

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