A Birds Eye-view

We all have opinions with respect to what happens in our lives and all around us. These opinions are intensified depending on our experiences in various situations and how it impacts on us. There are also those individuals who are extremely opinionated even with regards to things which have no bearing on their lives at all. In some instances the very same people end up changing their minds when they find themselves facing different circumstances.

I do believe that we are all entitled to our own opinions. This is a basic right. The lines do however get blurred when you start to impose your opinions on others. When it comes to guardianship, I do hope that you teach with an open mind.

Many of the social problems we are faced with today stem from closed mindedness. Why do people feel so compelled to have singularity in the world? The whole attitude of “this is the only way” or “my way is the right way” is problematic to say the least. Who are we to judge? Clearly you have to ask yourself one simple question: “What is the harm in it if it does not cause any harm?” This is in respect to race, religion, politics, social standing, sexual orientation and any other contentious issues.

How do you feel about inter-racial and inter-religious relationships; that whole idea of making sure that your religious heritage is not tainted or the protection of your race purity? This notion is often passed on from your parents or instilled by your community. Should you find yourself falling for someone outside of your race, religion or class, you will definitely be faced with many challenges. Like finding yourself in the precarious situation of questioning all that you thought to be true your entire life. How do you go about explaining or even defending yourself against the values you were made to believe to be righteous and necessary? I think the hardest of all would be when your sexual orientation is deemed as deviant. The whole coming to terms with who are and where you find yourself is the most difficult. The shame of it all comes into play irrespective of which of these circumstances befall you.

Inter-racial Colour-coordinated

What about abortion? You may be pro-life and judge all who have committed, in your opinion, this heinous act, but should you or someone dear to you be with child from say a rape, you could be of a different view point about carrying the child to term. Yes, you may say that she could give him/her up for adoption, but what about the psychological trauma that this women or girl must endure for the 9 months or even her entire life should she choose to rear the child. Would you consider that to be fair? Surely allowances need to be made and even if that’s not the case and someone feels the need to terminate their pregnancy, shouldn’t it be their choice? The person will have to live with their decision. It really is none of your business if it does not impact your life directly. So why do people then feel entitled to have a say?

Politics and religion have always been so intertwined. People feeling that they need to pick a side. “We are righteous and you are not”, the judgement of it all. That in itself is hypocritical because most religious teachings preach that we should not judge. Some people choose to take certain scriptures out of context or read far too literally into them because it is all a matter of interpretation. Unfortunately our world is filled with fundamentalist who fuel extremism, but I do believe that this cannot be what the majority of humankind is advocating for.

Black & White Heart Hands

Does there have to be a right and a wrong? Why do people feel so uncomfortable with change and difference? How about RESPECTING everyone’s opinions and finding a compromise? There is such resistance to shifting ones’ viewpoint, but we all need to learn to step away from emotional situations and rise above them with empathy. Try visualizing yourself in the other persons’ shoes to better understand their point of view.

Imagine a world where people only got involved when an integral transgression is taking or took place. What camaraderie there would be, all fighting for the good of humanity as a whole; so none of those monolithic beliefs but only one of inclusivity.

The vision of people assisting one another instead of breaking each other down must be the most beautiful sight to behold; one where everyone is working towards the common goal of peace and prosperity, all trying to eradicate hurt, harm, conflict and despair.

Now that is a world I’d be proud to live in!

Earth Between Hands

Please help to create that world? 

All it takes is one person at a time espousing for it. Don’t try to change people’s minds. That will only spark arguments and fuel the fire of resistance to inclusion. Rather do so by making a subtle statement. If you encounter hostility, just say that it’s something you wish for. No-one can fight a wish. If that does not work, then change the subject. Just know that you put it out there. You planted the seed and that’s all that matters. Be sure to shed some light on this notion, should the chance arise. This will assist the idea to germinate and hopefully in time to come, there will be way more knowledgeable and broadminded people, too many to count, shading everyone from the hatred that now plagues our world.

Cute Bird Flying

Wouldn’t it be grand if the BIRDS’ EYE-VIEW, when surveying our world, is one filled with love and compassion for our fellowman, where we all accept and embrace one-another every chance we get?

Fact :

Emerging from mud baths, hippopotamus, will with a swirl of their tail, fling a mixture of their own urine and feces at each other as an act of humiliation as well as to mark their territory.

Affirmation :

I live in a world of love and acceptance!

Quote :

No One Is Born Hating - Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela “Tata Madiba”

Inspiration :

Wrapped Up In You
by Carole Matthews
Genre : Drama/Romance Novel

The Big Sick
Time : 2 hrs
Genre : Drama/Romance

From A Distance by Bette Midler

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