From Good To Bad For You

You drive past a jogger and with admiration you think, “What dedication and perseverance!”. You come across a well organised desk and you think, “It must be amazing to always have everything so neat and tidy!”. You are at a luncheon and your co-worker orders a salad with no dessert and you think, “Now that is great willpower and self-control!”.

What you do not know is the reasons behind all those seemingly good things. Some-times what appears good on the outside may stem from a not-so-good place on the inside.


The jogging may have started as a stress release which is good, but then as the stress increases, the jogging also increases and afterwards that coping mechanism could start taking a toll on your body… shinsplints, hairline fractures, or worse.

Many try to adjust their eating habits and begin making healthier foods choices but if or when you find yourself in a slump and not able to deal with emotional stress you may find yourself becoming more strict on your eating habits. This can escalate to such a degree that it leads to very restrictive eating or the total opposite is also possible, and you may find yourself overeating uncontrollably.


Having everything neat and tidy may have always been your thing, even as a child or maybe that only came about later on in life. Irrespective of when… it’s nice to have order in your life but should you feel as if you are loosing a handle on your life, you may find yourself obsessing too much over your surroundings. In the worst case scenario, this could spiral into a compulsive behavior which can ultimately cripple your life.

The above scenarios initially stemmed from seemingly good habits, but they can ultimately lead to disorders that are bad for your health. None of us are able to control everything in our lives but do various things in order to feel in control of something. It all stems from the helplessness experienced when your world seems to be spinning out of control. We may not be aware of this occurrence because it often happens on a subconscious level before it manifests in our physical world. The shift from being good for you’ to becoming bad for you’ is very subtle. Most of us will not notice it as a problem until something happens to bring it to our attention or someone else makes mention of it.

Perfectionism, dedication, perseverance, willpower and self-control are perceived by many as great qualities and are often praised. This is the main reason why it is difficult to comprehend that any of these qualities could escalate into something negative.


The time old saying “EVERYTHING IN MODERATION” is obliviously more knowledgeable than we think. Or maybe we do think it but fail to realize when we pass the point of moderation. There are always signs along the way. It is up to us to stop and take notice. We need to remain conscious about finding a balance between all the things that occupy your time so that no one thing monopolizes it.

I wish you a very long and happy life of moderation.

Fact :

Some birds nest in crocodile or alligator infested areas. This may be because they help clear away snakes and other predators that feast on birds and their eggs. So this seemingly bad decision, in actual fact increases the chance of their off-spring surviving.

Affirmation :

I love myself, therefore all that I decide to do is always in my best interest and for my highest good

Quote :

Your life is the total sum of all your decisions, so decide wisely!



The Singles Game
by Lauren Weisberer
Genre : Romance Novel/Sports Fiction


Title : As Good as It Gets

Time : 2hr 19min
Genre : Drama/Romance

Be Alright by Kehlani

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