The Joyful Woes of Weddings

Isn’t it just the greatest news that two people intend celebrating their love with a formal union before friends and family?

The fuss of engagement, well wishes and sharing of wedding day ideas are all so exciting and enjoyable… and then comes the planning.

When people proclaim weddings to be stressful, I think many of us, who have not been there, normally think it’s an over exaggeration. But I kid you not; you will encounter the strangest, some of which you never even thought possible.

Yes, there have been many a comedy based around wedding planning but that’s just it, it’s a comedy and you end up thinking that those characters are overplaying things for the benefit of the movie.

What happens when you come face to face with one or more of those dilemmas? This is not a movie. Definitely not a comedy. This is real life. It is affecting you as a couple and inevitably everyone who plays an important role in your life. I stress the word ‘IMPORTANT’ because it is senseless to worry about or bear costs for anyone who poses no significance in your life. The only exception may arise when you wish to keep the peace with your parents and find  yourself needing to invite people who are important to them.

Plan Groom

Deciding on the invitation list will more often than not have you thinking,… “All I wanted to do was get married, not be sitting with all this **** on my plate”. So you have: “Who to invite?”, as a starter, “What will cause the least upset?”, as your main, and hope that the “Perfect Solution” will be served for dessert. You may just have to pass up on dessert if you can’t figure it out. Who to seat around a table and who to keep as far from each other as possible? The last thing you would want is a fallout among friends or family when you are literally planning a union!

All the other decision making can be fun but only if you allow it to be so. Your choices are important but if you are not able to get everything exactly as you imagined, be prepared to compromise and always bear in mind that it will come together beautifully.

Plan Bride

If this is not your mindset then all the movies in which couples decided to elope may cross your mind. The main reason is to escape the stress and strife surrounding what should be the ‘happiest day of their life’. You can’t help but question if that wouldn’t be an easier option.

Should you choose to bite the bullet, then the rapid approach of your momentous day will only hit you after realizing that everything has been decided upon. Everyone tries to plan for any mishaps that could disrupt the smoothly sailing of your day. Even so, do mentally prepare yourself for unexpected hiccups because, “THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING!”

Happy Planning Is Over

There maybe a fashion problem, a transport problem,  photo problem, a venue setup problem, a catering problem, a family problem, whatever the problem, know that it will be sorted out and the day will go on. There will be laughter and tears, highs and lows and that will all make for amazing story-telling in the long-run.

The BIG DAY is upon you. You experience HAPPY NERVES or COLD FEET  or maybe just a COOL CALM, even to the point where you are VOID of EMOTION. Whatever it may be, accept this as normal. Do not question how you should be feeling. It is different for everyone. Irrespective of what, this is a major turning point in your life because all you have known thus far is forging a path for one and from now onward it will be a joint life forging a way for two.

Souls Hearts - John Keats

My only advice is that you remember to take time throughout the day to capture mental memories because it passes quickly and when the day draws to a close, you will want to be able to relive all the special moments. Know that you have many future days to create extra special moments, even if not all went your way on YOUR SPECIAL DAY!

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Wishing You

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African and Royal penguins are monogamous, often mating for life. Both, male and female, prepare their nest and take care of the chicks.

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Small details take care of themselves and all is as it should be.

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Funny Marriage Quote

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Title: Father of the Bride
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Genre: Comedy

I Do by Boyz II Men

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