Life’s Purpose

“What is the purpose of life?”, or better yet, “What is the purpose of my life?”

These are definitely not age dependent questions…

It is inevitable that we all question our existence at some time or the other and there may even be times when you do not feel like carrying on to find out.

Care Too Much - LOVE

It’s heartbreaking when the very young question their existence, wondering if it ever gets any better. These reasons may include enduring family hardships, coming face to face with external forces that can’t be avoided or even chemical imbalances which no one is aware of. 

For many, their teenage years are the most trying. For some this may be the best time of their lives and for others the worst. This can either leave you excited for your future or dreading the experience.

Embarking on your life as a young adult is both daunting and exhilarating. Figuring out your career, finding the perfect life partner and starting a family are all the things that  make up our lives and many of us find ourselves full of doubt through most of this.

Often when you are in the thick of things, you may ponder whether this is really what you signed up for. Your job may seem overwhelming or unfulfilling. Your family may seem too demanding or unsupportive. You may find that your career is thriving but feel as though your personal life is lacking or vise-versa.

Lessons in Years 10_20_30...50_60_70

All of these situations ultimately lead you to question your life’s choices and where to from here. You may be at the point in your life where you have made it through everything. Found a partner, raised a family, had or have a great career, but what now?

 This is especially true if you feel stuck in a rut or life around you has changed. Maybe your kids are grown and you need to figure out how to fill the time that you spent on them? Perhaps you’ve reached the pinnacle in your career and would like to slow down or just experience a change. You may find yourself looking back on your life and wondering why was I doing all of this? Sometimes it’s best to not look too long at our past but rather to evaluate what we would like from life going forward.

These are some of the reasons we constantly find ourselves in search of our purpose. Seeking where we should be, what we should be doing and when we should be doing it, takes up so much of our time and energy, but what if at that moment our purpose is to be and experience or to receive. Ever stop to think that your purpose may be, to be there to assist someone else with finding or fulfilling their purpose at that moment? Perhaps it’s even just being that mom, dad, spouse, co-worker, manager, friend, foe, confidant or instigator at that point in your life. You know, all those mundane things that are time-consuming and not very exciting or don’t always seem too important.

Funny Purpose

In light of this you may see all the purposes you serve and fulfilled on reflection of your past. Our purpose may not be as cut and dry as we would hope to find it. We may have many different purposes throughout our lives.  We are very complex beings so it only stands to reason that our purpose would be just as complexed. In the same light we are multifaceted and so why shouldn’t we have multifaceted purposes as well? That poses the question: “What if your purpose is the very thing you are doing at this very moment?”, then ultimately,  “You have been living your purpose all along!”

We are all here to make a life out of what we love…, but sometimes that gets lost along the way. When we loose focus of this, most often questioning sets in.

My advice is to always try to do what you love and love what you’re doing, even if at that time you don’t really like what you are doing.

Live Purpose

Everything set aside, I do believe that we all have one fundamental purpose in life and that is to: 
‘Learn To Love Unconditionally; not only someone else, but ourselves as well.’

Fact :

Luna Moths do not have mouths and so cannot eat. They live for about one week, with the singular purpose of mating!

Affirmation :

I have the power to live my life with purpose and meaning. I deserve a life filled with unconditional love.

Quote:Purpose Home

Inspiration :


A New Earth
by Eckhart Tolle
Genre: Spirituality / Psychology


Time : 107 min
Genre : Drama/Fantasy


Purpose by Justin Bieber

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