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Multi-Ethnic WorldSocial media has assisted in connecting people all over the world with each other. It’s so nice that like-minded people are able to connect with one another. After all, to feel like you belong, is one of the human fundamentals. Unfortunately this comes at a cost because we as humans always find a way of tainting everything. Now this amazing tool that is meant to benefit us all is being used to hurt and harm.

You may question: Why would people do this? The reasons behind these acts of unkindness is often because of fear. Many are afraid of the unknown. Different concepts demand different levels of understanding that some people may find difficult to comprehend. Obviously this could be made easier if they were open to educating themselves. Ignorance is bliss’ is an outdated statement which we no longer have the right to hide behind. There is just too much knowledge at our disposal, especially thanks to the internet.

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Now the question still remains: Why are there those who refuse to take the time to obtain all the facts before drawing conclusions? It’s simple; because that’s the easier choice. Change is not always easy, so why struggle with something that’s not beneficial to me. That’s the other thing; humans are selfish by nature, so thank goodness for those who are compassionate and show love no matter what.

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There have always been people throughout history who have fought for the right to equality for all. The weirdest thing is that right now there are so many ‘WOKE’ people who are open-minded and challenging the social norms of the past, yet the same can be said of those who are still stuck with archaic mindsets. It’s our duty to ensure that the former out-ways the latter.

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We can only hope and pray to be fortunate enough to live a long and happy life, with the knowledge we have acquired from our life lessons. The onus then lies upon us to put these into practice and pass it onto the generations to come so that we create a more tolerant, forgiving, respectful and accepting society. One in which everyone can safely express their feelings knowing that they will not be ridiculed or judged. Our world should be a safe-haven for all without prejudice.

Fact:Octopus with 3 Hearts

An octopus has 3(three) hearts and no skeleton.

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I live in a world of love and acceptance.


Treat others how you would want to be treated.



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