Together Apart

Little looking up
Happy and calm
Bond so strong
Knowing you belong 

Innocent fun 
Out for a run 
On the beach 
And in the sun 

Growing older
Becoming bolder
Drifting apart
The breaking heart 

Feeling of loss 
Mental health cost 
Emotional yearning
Future fearing 

Time passes 
Life gives classes 
The universe clever 
Finding ways together 

All worlds the charm 
Surely there can be no harm 
It’s on a mend 
Together again 

Understanding amiss 
Where’s the bliss 
The dynamic unclear 
Losing a real fear 

To and fro 
Where to go 
Can better return 
With scars a burn 

All the trying 
Situation tiring 
It’s disdainful 
Our relationship painful 

Realization and acceptance sad 
Acknowledging the times had 
Its all so unfair 
For love is truly there 

Leap of Faith – Quadrilogy Part 4

Leap of Faith

The day freezing cold
This jester so bold
Seeing each other
Rather than another
Life a love song
Feels like we belong
Everyday a new play
What words to say
In this state we stay
Hoping it never fades away
Hard to be apart
May be a solid start
Defenses we drop
Why and for who to stop
Such a big gamble
This culture egg scramble
All the chances we take
For our true loves sake