Happiness, Hurt, Life, Love, POETRY, Relationships


The warmth of a breeze 
The rustling of the trees 
A special sunset or a twinkling star 
Remembering you and pondering where you are 
Do you think of me too and the things we use to do 

Words unable to express the feelings that filled our space 
When every second together felt like a saving grace 
Sharing memorable moments of joyous times 
With your warm smile and laughing eyes 
Safely cocooned in a world of our own 

Years later my thoughts run away 
Meeting where only dreams prevail 
Why did we part and break each others heart 
Are you happy in bliss or living a numbing pain 
Could we have made it through if we had tried again 

Thinking of what may have been 
Wondering about everything unseen 
Was our ending worth the sorrow 
Did we both experiencing a better tomorrow 

I allow my emotional well wishes to take flight 
Hoping you’re somewhere in-love and your life filled with light 

Happiness, Life, Life Lessons, POETRY, Self-love


Its time to forge your path 
Take flight and soar 
Enjoy the highs and lows 
The world is here to explore 
Experiences are all you keep 
What is now is not on repeat 
Don’t waste your time with overthinking 
Grab hold those young and carefree 
Before you’re to old to do and see 

Life, POETRY, Self-love

Live Life

Fear not. Stay true. 
For your life is to live. 
Hold your consequence, happy or sad. 
Own your choices, good or bad. 
You are in control. 
Take a chance. 
Make your move. 
Time does not stand still. 
Another day, Another way. 
Just keep journeying along. 

The beauty of life is living free
And beholding this brings out the beauty in both you and me


Lovely Lady, My Little Baby

A time you held on tight
Your smile shining bright
Always happy to see and be

Looking for the cue
Not sure what to do
Checking a firm must
For who to trust

The world is big fun
There’s not only one
Time for holding on
Is all long gone

Confident and sure
Never too stressed
Doing with ease
Ever the best

Trials of strength
Tribulations at length
Focused in your way
Steadfast you stay

Others they are nought
For life cannot be bought
Happy with few
Why bother with a crew

Good and deserving
Hardworking and serving
A loving heart so right
Your inner light takes flight

Back to roots I am strong
Realizing where you belong
Path not etched in stone
For you know this alone

Finding trying still defining
The star you truly are