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Its time to forge your path 
Take flight and soar 
Enjoy the highs and lows 
The world is here to explore 
Experiences are all you keep 
What is now is not on repeat 
Don’t waste your time with overthinking 
Grab hold those young and carefree 
Before you’re to old to do and see 

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To Forgive & Forget…or Not

Forgiving or Fogetting

Ever wonder why the young find it easier than adults to overcome disagreements; so much so that the kids will already be playing together and the parents will still be upset with each other?

Forgiving & Forgetting

Maybe it’s because their EGOS are less developed & they have nothing to prove; life for them is all about having fun & holding grudges prevents life from being fun. I think we can definitely re-learn this attitude adjustment from our children. Punish or Forgive

By remaining angry and holding grudges are we punishing our perpetrators or ourselves?

Things to consider when you are not letting go …. If the person isn’t aware of the transgression, then we are being self-destructive. Should the person be in the know of their actions then we are only doing ourselves an injustice by giving them power over us in regard to our actions and or reactions.

If you can find no solace in the act of forgiving your enemies then bear in mind that this action would probably just annoy them… so do it anyway!

Forgive Forget - I'm Still Waiting

The difficulty with the act of forgiveness lies in the amount of hurt that you experience. This devastation is often worst felt when it comes from someone that’s important to you.  The process is easier if you can choose whether or not to see or be in contact with the person. Unfortunately this may not always be the case. In these instances it may be best to resort to avoidance, silence, or if you can muster the courage; kill them with kindness.

Forgiving Bitter For Our Future

It’s best to forgive the people who have wronged or hurt you, even those who are not remorseful for their actions, not because they are deserving of it, but because you deserve it! Break the chains holding you prisoner and try to forget the hurt and anguish you suffered in the past. Rather try to focus on what it is that you must still learn or have learnt, because the realisation of this in itself will give you a sense of relief and help you find a freeing calm & peace within.

Forgive for Peace - Rafiki

Remember that forgiving and letting go is largely for your benefit. So forgive; choose whether to forget; but learn from your mistakes and never regret.

Fact:Dolphin Over Sun

Bottlenose dolphins can remember whistles of other dolphins they have lived with after 20 years of separation.

Affirmation:Heart Rainbow

I am willing to forgive you for not being what I needed you to be.



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