Little You

As I Take You In My Arms
Swinging And Swaying
To Loves Sleepy Songs

Twirling And Whirling
It Matters Not How Long

Calmly Connected
Now As One Time Ago
Into Our Space Quiet By Will

The World Drifts Away
And You Into My Heart
It’s Hard My Sweet
To Part Everytime



I Tried

I tried my best with your development
I tried my best with your education
I tried my best to solve your problems
I tried my best to love you 
I tried my best to help you
I tried my best to support you
I tried my best to understand you

I tried my best to be there
I tried…I really did…I hope you know…


Why This Choice?

Why have children if they don’t fit into your lifestyle?
Why have children if you don’t have the time?
Why have children if the expense is a problem?
Why have children if you don’t show an interest?
Why have children if you can’t give them support?
Why have children if you don’t make an effort to forge a relationship?

You were given the choice…
You should have thought this through…

Why? Why? Why?

Advice, Fathers, Love

Understanding Our Fathers

Fathers can either make or break you. The physical strength they posses transcends on many levels because the support, guidance, advice and protection you receive from them, or lack there of, while growing up, often sets the tone for your adult life.

Your fathers words will forever live with you, but eventually you will have to DECIDE what rings true as you experience life for yourself.Scolding DadReprimanding dad

Don’t for one minute think that men aren’t emotional. They are, but sometimes you just can’t see it because they are solution seekers and methodical by nature. That’s why the comforting thing is somewhat challenging for them at times. They would most probably give you sound advice on how to fix a problem rather than that hug you may be longing for…

Many men have unfortunately been reared to be hard and strong which results in them rarely exposing their softer side.Dad - No Affirmation For this reason they often have difficulty showing emotion and, or expressing themselves. CHILDREN often interpret this non-expressiveness incorrectly, coming to the conclusion that, ‘my father doesn’t love me and couldn’t care about what’s happening in my life’. Thoughts of ‘I’m not important to him’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ Trying Dadcan be very destructive.
This handicapped inner voice is responsible for holding so many adults back from reaching their full potential or striving for greatness. Dads feel pride but don’t often say it and then as a child, you are not aware of it. Please remember that children need to hear the words, “I am proud of you”. Hopefully as we grow older, we’ll figure this out for ourselves and then as long as we had a dad present in our lives, it will count volumes.

Fun DadsThank goodness for the shift in rearing our sons because everyone is in need of the same emotional support irrespective of their gender. This is definitely a step in right direction as it will result in fathers who are able to show and express the love and adoration they feel for their children more easily.

Why is there way less fuss around Father’s Day, and it’s usually a struggle to find the perfect gift, especially if you are looking for something sentimental; not socks, P.J.’s or a tie! Things which can assist us to show our dads how much we love and cherish them should be readily available. It’s so unfair especially if you consider all the single fathers out there. So they may be in the minority but that doesn’t mean that it should go unnoticed. They should in fact get extra praise, considering how much harder it is because many of the skill sets needed to rear kids doesn’t necessarily come naturally to them.

Dad Doing All

Here’s to finding ways of showing our dads just how special they are and how much they mean to us.

Dedicated to my DAD

Lion DadFact :

Lions are fierce protectors of their pride but often snooze when they should be keeping a closer eye on their cubs.

Dad with ChildrenAffirmation :

I am present in my children’s lives and I give them the validation they need.

Super DadQuote :

A good father is a man who supports his children even when he has no money.


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