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Forbidden Love

A rebellious cat and mouse game
Shocked us all with the love that came

The surprise look in every eye knowing
Yet each without words to explain

How could the ones who protect you get it so wrong
Why the fear of different worlds questioning where you belong
What should matter is being his princess, his queen all fair
And him prince charming, your king crowned in care

Stolen moments thick with emotion
The yearning looks of unspoken devotion
Time stands still and our silence speaks volumes
While the promise of forever fills the air

What is integrity when all you feel is anguish and pain
From trying to navigate family honour and duty in vain
Life can be cruel or is it the people who proclaim to love and care
When all they do is weigh you down with pressures to bear

What choice to make about which path to take
Do we succumb and let go of our dream
How will we know if we do not try
Will our feelings numb and our desires die

In the end we’re pulled apart
I’m left feeling like dying from a broken heart
Trying to stay strong while hiding my tears
Not wanting to journey within my deepest fears

How do I ever carry on living without our happy ending
When I’m surrounded by the people I’m hating
Where to put all these negative feelings to rest
With what to convince myself that this was for the best

As time passes you may think your wounds heal
But then a special song scent and word
Births moments of sadness and hurt
Causing old emotions to stir that you can’t help but feel

There may be a beautiful sunrise or sunset
That wakens dormant thoughts bringing past to present
And even though that time together was short lived
Those memories will always evoke a secret life that lives on forever

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Restart the Rest of Your Life Today

When you’ve been going through a rough patch or having a not so good life experience, people will often tell you that today or tomorrow is the “first day of the rest of your life”. I quite like the thought of that because you can now rethink and DECIDE on the type of life you really want to be living…Decide Your Life

Obviously there are some who may consider this notion absolutely ludicrous,

The 1st Day of your Life

but I implore you…  Please bear in mind that this thought  may be just what is needed to encourage a person to still have hope for tomorrow.

None the less, for all the cynics out there, who may take this notion all too literally, this cartoon clip is especially for you.

Now, back to the people who are on board with the topic at hand. It’s all well and good believing in the concept but how do you put it into practice?

What exactly are you to do? Get MAD? Get SAD? I say do whatever the hell you need to so that you are able to move on. I wouldn’t personally advocate Getting EVEN as this may be counterproductive and hold you back!

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO REMEMBER YOUR PAST!!! Whether it’s to commemorate or commiserate. Just don’t get stuck there!


Your past experiences and thoughts help make you who you are, but that’s NOT all who you are. You are your potential, your dreams, your aspirations! And so much more…

Self Love

Everyone deserves a RENEWED lease on life or a fresh start from a bad past.

So my advice is to take the pressure and difficult situations in your life as best you can all the while remembering that from these experiences something beautiful will emerge… you only stronger and wiser!

Fact :Diamond jif

A diamond is basically compressed dirt put under immense heat & pressure.

Affirmation :Smiley Sun

I am worthy of the very best that life has to offer!

Inspiration :

The Pursuit of Happyness
by Chris Gardner
Genre: Biography

The Pursuit of Happyness
Time: 145 min
Genre: Drama

Firework by Katy Perry