Route of all evil
The heart of conflict 

We all wish for more 
Not to struggle 
Or ask 

Give with exception
Responsible perception 
Its not to mention 
Definitely no expectation 

Not good to need 
Even better to earn 
Be grateful at best 
Let go of the rest 


Baby Boy, My Big Little Man

Inquisitive from the moment you arrive
Curiously surveying all around
The center of attention
Everyone’s child

Too sure of yourself
The independence scary
Seeking but not always needing

Friendly and caring you question the world
Never understanding the hurt
It’s difficult making sense of it all
Hard to learn its ways

Pleasant and helpful trying to please
Confidence soaring achieve with ease
Surrounded by many your circle is small

Accomplish with grace
Acknowledgement for granted
You don’t see not easy for all
Only too happy and on the ball

Pulling alone it’s strange
Forging your path indifferent
Every and all to change

Choice is finite
No doubt in your mind
Firm you stand whether you fall
Amazing strength and kind to all

Searching learning always yearning
Dark days few positive and true
You definitely are the very best you


Life Stress

This feeling of drowning
Is my only crowning
Trying your best
No time for rest
This pressure insane
My life down the drain
The constant worry
Why always sorry
Everything nerve-racking
Why not get packing
Could life on the run
Be way more fun

All this utilities
People demanding
Suicide alarming

They say be tough
But is that enough
When life force draining
And your hearts paining

A death fake
If not…
Just for a break



Doing nothing leads to nothing!
Nothing comes from nothing!
Irate. Alarm.
Your only charm!

Deafening silence
Blissful peace
Lonely or Alone
Berate or Reflect
Fill the void
Enjoy the space

Doing nothing leads to something…
Something does come from nothing…
Be still. Feel calm.
Your healing balm!