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Forbidden Love

A rebellious cat and mouse game
Shocked us all with the love that came

The surprise look in every eye knowing
Yet each without words to explain

How could the ones who protect you get it so wrong
Why the fear of different worlds questioning where you belong
What should matter is being his princess, his queen all fair
And him prince charming, your king crowned in care

Stolen moments thick with emotion
The yearning looks of unspoken devotion
Time stands still and our silence speaks volumes
While the promise of forever fills the air

What is integrity when all you feel is anguish and pain
From trying to navigate family honour and duty in vain
Life can be cruel or is it the people who proclaim to love and care
When all they do is weigh you down with pressures to bear

What choice to make about which path to take
Do we succumb and let go of our dream
How will we know if we do not try
Will our feelings numb and our desires die

In the end we’re pulled apart
I’m left feeling like dying from a broken heart
Trying to stay strong while hiding my tears
Not wanting to journey within my deepest fears

How do I ever carry on living without our happy ending
When I’m surrounded by the people I’m hating
Where to put all these negative feelings to rest
With what to convince myself that this was for the best

As time passes you may think your wounds heal
But then a special song scent and word
Births moments of sadness and hurt
Causing old emotions to stir that you can’t help but feel

There may be a beautiful sunrise or sunset
That wakens dormant thoughts bringing past to present
And even though that time together was short lived
Those memories will always evoke a secret life that lives on forever

Happiness, Hurt, Life, Love, POETRY, Relationships


The warmth of a breeze 
The rustling of the trees 
A special sunset or a twinkling star 
Remembering you and pondering where you are 
Do you think of me too and the things we use to do 

Words unable to express the feelings that filled our space 
When every second together felt like a saving grace 
Sharing memorable moments of joyous times 
With your warm smile and laughing eyes 
Safely cocooned in a world of our own 

Years later my thoughts run away 
Meeting where only dreams prevail 
Why did we part and break each others heart 
Are you happy in bliss or living a numbing pain 
Could we have made it through if we had tried again 

Thinking of what may have been 
Wondering about everything unseen 
Was our ending worth the sorrow 
Did we both experiencing a better tomorrow 

I allow my emotional well wishes to take flight 
Hoping you’re somewhere in-love and your life filled with light 

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To Forgive & Forget…or Not

Forgiving or Fogetting

Ever wonder why the young find it easier than adults to overcome disagreements; so much so that the kids will already be playing together and the parents will still be upset with each other?

Forgiving & Forgetting

Maybe it’s because their EGOS are less developed & they have nothing to prove; life for them is all about having fun & holding grudges prevents life from being fun. I think we can definitely re-learn this attitude adjustment from our children. Punish or Forgive

By remaining angry and holding grudges are we punishing our perpetrators or ourselves?

Things to consider when you are not letting go …. If the person isn’t aware of the transgression, then we are being self-destructive. Should the person be in the know of their actions then we are only doing ourselves an injustice by giving them power over us in regard to our actions and or reactions.

If you can find no solace in the act of forgiving your enemies then bear in mind that this action would probably just annoy them… so do it anyway!

Forgive Forget - I'm Still Waiting

The difficulty with the act of forgiveness lies in the amount of hurt that you experience. This devastation is often worst felt when it comes from someone that’s important to you.  The process is easier if you can choose whether or not to see or be in contact with the person. Unfortunately this may not always be the case. In these instances it may be best to resort to avoidance, silence, or if you can muster the courage; kill them with kindness.

Forgiving Bitter For Our Future

It’s best to forgive the people who have wronged or hurt you, even those who are not remorseful for their actions, not because they are deserving of it, but because you deserve it! Break the chains holding you prisoner and try to forget the hurt and anguish you suffered in the past. Rather try to focus on what it is that you must still learn or have learnt, because the realisation of this in itself will give you a sense of relief and help you find a freeing calm & peace within.

Forgive for Peace - Rafiki

Remember that forgiving and letting go is largely for your benefit. So forgive; choose whether to forget; but learn from your mistakes and never regret.

Fact:Dolphin Over Sun

Bottlenose dolphins can remember whistles of other dolphins they have lived with after 20 years of separation.

Affirmation:Heart Rainbow

I am willing to forgive you for not being what I needed you to be.



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